Snake Massage Sessions

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Sessions:  1.15 hrs  $297

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         ◊  What is a Snake Massage?


Back in the 5th c. BCE, the practice of Snake healing was held in a small dark chamber/cave on a stone bed, with Asklepios and/or Hygieia in their theriomorphic (animal) form of an actual live Snake.

Today, the sensation of the Serpent on the human body still elicits a thrill and relaxation--- on a comfortable massage table!

Ancient Snake Medicine facilitated by a 21st century Snake Priestess 


     ◊   Is a Snake Massage safe?

Genuine enjoyment of a Snake Massage is the result of You the client being guided by the practitioner from your natural reaction into a relaxed empowered position of response. As the experience unfolds, these new accessible responses are rewired into the neural pathways of the brain and anchored in via a high state of emotional arousal, resulting in unforgettable highly valued memories in each client's life.

 Serpentessa is present during your entire session.

 “I was nervous at first, but the feel of the snakes’ cool bodies and firm massages entranced and tranquilized me." ~ SM, Omega Institute, NY

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Sessions:  1.15 hrs $297

Book yours today at 845-268-7532 !


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$1500 for 6 sessions @ $250 each



Single session: $297



Payment required in full prior to 1st session. Package of 6 sessions to be completed within 3 months.

Venues/Dates: Upon purchase you will receive an email with confirmation and details. Best availability at The Wholeness Center in Rockland County. 845-268-7532



       ◊  Why would I want this?

People come to be 'massaged' or entwined in Snakes for many different reasons: stress relief, illness, migraines, fibromyalgia, spiritual reasons, nature deficit disorder, vagal toning and enjoyment. Also, neuro-diverse folks considered to be on the spectrums of ADHD and autism have actively sought out one-on-one time with Snakes. Animal connections are often a vital part of neuro-diverse people finding their peace within our chaotic society.

Numerous scientific studies confirm the power of healing touch. The sensation of Snake on the Human body elicits thrills and relaxation. Their healing touch releases endorphins and oxytocin, the feel-good hormones that relieve stress, create pleasure and support you in rejuvenating your body, mind and soul in today's stressful world.

Not only do the Serpents elicit emotional/psychological stress relief, but blood flow is increased to tense areas and the gliding weight of the Snake's body relieves pressure throughout the person's body.

“The physical embrace of the snake on my body - all of the energy transferred and wisdom from the snakes. Also, how the physical embrace felt so safe and pleasurable and opened me up in a sensual way.” ~ PS, NY

 “…My sciatic pain was very high (10 out of 10)…I began to remember the snake massage I had… I fell asleep and dreamed that Serpentessa would appear and say "Are you ready for my snakes to heal you now?" YES!!! Then Asklepios and Oracle would move over me in the dream and I would wake…The next day I was at a 5 for discomfort and exhaustion - 50% better! I am so grateful for this powerful sharing!” ~ RT, NY

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 Experience the Pleasurable Sensation of the Serpent on Your Body Mesmerizing You 


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Testimonies & Images of Bliss

“I was amazed to see how the serpents knew exactly where I had pain in my body. They went directly there and either lent me their full contact, weight and presence, perfectly molding their bodies to every curve of mine; or they actually squeezed the tension away. I learned you don’t have to have hands to give a great massage!” ~ RC, Toronto

"Snake massage is the best! Very relaxing and grounding too :)" ~ LA, NM


 "She invited me to experience the snakes and their healing powers. One of the boas spent half an hour wrapped around my neck, which is a vulnerable area in my body that needs ongoing healing. I had a boa for many years and I have missed that contact."  ~ Vicki Noble, CA Feminist shamanic healer, author, scholar and wisdom teacher

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 Ancient Snake Medicine


The healing energy of Snakes has been accessed by many cultures worldwide. Asklepios, Greek god of healing and his daughter Hygieia, (seen here) remains the most documented Snake healing practice, dating to 5th century BCE.

Over 320 sanctuaries have been recovered with inscribed stones detailing the healing dreams invoked by the Snakes. This is Epidauros, the largest sanctuary to date, located in the Greek peninsula.

 Essentially, people in need of healing crawled into the abaton, a small dark chamber or cave with the Snake priest or priestess and stayed there until they were visited by the healing god or goddess in its theriomorphic form (animal form) of an actual live Snake.

 Entering the abaton dream chamber was an archetypal form of descent into the personal and collective unconscious, a visit into Earth Mother's tomb and womb where Death into Rebirth occurs. 

The living yet archetypal image of the Serpent as the spiraling DNA of cellular intelligence creates access to the archetype of transformation in the realm of dream or the collective unconscious. 

Healing occurred as the supplicant implemented the dreams of deep body wisdom into waking conscious life.

Excerpts and verbal testimonies of healing with Snakesss are included in the Snake Wisdom chapter of Serpentessa's Dvd: Belly Dance w Snakes: Embody Your Inner Serpent.