A Portrait of Serpentessa with a boa constrictor wrapped about her with it's head rising behind her and crowning her headI am Serpentessa, a modern-day snake priestess (or interspecies facilitator) who empowers individuals via guided holistic, transformative interactions with live Boa Constrictor snakes.

Throughout the past 40 years, I have shared the practical benefits of ancient snake medicine with over 20,000 people. It is my joy and passion to see participants experience awe inspiring positive life changes.

My Journey

I was a happy and healthy young girl. I knew nothing about the serpent other than it allegedly tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. But I grew into a woman plagued with severe endometriosis and emotional depression.

In my work as a belly dancer, I often included my hypnotic snakes into my performances. Through tracking peoples’ reactions of fear through fascination to my serpents, I was compelled to understand more.

Studying the works of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, psychotherapist Carl Jung, and leading neuroscientists, I learned that throughout our human evolution in the garden of nature, encounters with wild snakes conditioned us to evolve stressful stimuli into opportunities for growth and survival. Today this balance is even more precarious with human encroachment into wildlife habitats.

Serpentessa as photographed by Frances F. Denny and featured in the article "The Many Faces of Women Who Identify as Witches" by Naomi Fry in The New Yorker.Ancient history documents ‘Snake’ as a powerful archetypal image of transformation and re-birth found worldwide. Figurines, pottery, effigies, ritual objects, and megaliths from cultures spanning the continents and dating as far back as the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras have been discovered, depicting images of snakes and of people interacting with them in diverse ways. To date, we continue to value snake sculptures, images, jewelry, crowns, snake-skin clothing and stories of serpent power.

After 10 years in the closet as a snake priestess, I came out after experiencing a profound healing in my physical and emotional life via my relationship and interaction with my snakes.

In addition, I discovered the Greek Asklepios & Hygeia sanctuaries dedicated to snake healing, which is now foundational to my practice. I’ve revived the efficacy of ancient snake medicine in the modern day, following the philosophy of “as it was, so may it be again” with my non-venomous snakes.

Being a snake priestess is the most soul satisfying career I’ve ever had. To be of service to others and to Mother Earth feels vital and is very rewarding.

How My Snakes and I Empower You

My clients don’t only seek solutions to today’s problems; they also yearn for awe-inspiring experiences and adventure. They want to feel a thrill.

In a session, I always respect your boundaries as I gently guide the snakes and you into a collaborative and truly memorable experience.

My clients have left feeling rejuvenated, fully present, and more able to face uncomfortable situations, trusting in themselves, their well-being, and the universe.

My Life in the Present Moment

I consider my snakes to be esteemed nature teachers. They are NOT props. I remain in deep gratitude for the many blessings that enter my life through the teachings of these wild and powerful beings.

In spirituality, life conviction, shamanic practices, mythology and dance theatre ritual, my esteemed teachers and collaborators are: ALisa Starkweather, Ann Sousa, Ed Tick, Robin and Stephen Larsen and Jehan Kamal.

Currently I am doing 45 years-to-life with Mikio, a wonderful, talented, and emotionally responsive man, our old cat and our family of wild yet gentle snakes in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.

My current goals are to complete writing my book, “In the Serpent’s Tongue” and to raise a snake temple and apprenticeship open to the public in the USA.